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Al Siddiqi International Group (SIG) which AlMotahajiba is a member of was established as a family business in 1916 in Doha, which was a small fishermen's village in those days with an economy highly depended on pearl hunting and trade.


Ready-made cloths and fabrics, different type of materials and accessories were sold in this first store that was located in Souq-Waqif, the heart of the city of its time that is still one of the most popular places for outdoor attractions in Doha.


First outlet shop in Doha-Souq


Although this was the time for those individuals who were able to seize the right opportunities to run the businesses that would soon bear the fruits of foreseeing the coming development of the country. That is what SIG did by establishing the first outlet shop of AlMotahajiba in Doha-Souq in 1982.


The products were tailored by our handful staff’s who were dedicated to the future of our company as they were performing their art at a small room inside our outlet shop. But in two years of time, it became necessary for us to bring a factory into life to begin the series of production as demand for AlMotahajiba drastically increased.

The business was booming…


An Abaya factory in Doha since 1982


As a result of this high demand to our products our factory was set up in industrial area in Doha. A mass recruitment was done in order to have our own in-house designers, tailors and executives. It took hard work to create a unique line of concept while we were transforming ourselves from a common tailor to a fashion designer establishment providing high end series of production.


All necessary measures were taken and the world market was carefully screened in order to identify sufficient machines and the best fabrics available. It is never thought to cut the cost from the material or hand work of finishing’s.


A strict quality control policy was implemented as we were determined to keep ourselves up to date in line with the high end standards and make AlMotahajiba to be heard as one of the most prestigious brands in the world of fashion at global scale.

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