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The preservation of our culture and traditions. What started for me as a summer business project in the year 1983 is now my mission against the wind of change blowing through our region. How to maintain your fashion edge against western trendy designers? A challenge we conquer every day through AlMotahajiba keeping Arabian women fashionable and trendy without losing their true identity.


I was in secondary school when I decided to go in a business venture instead of going abroad for my summer vacation, resisting my father's refusal for such a venture unless I finish my education, with the support of my older brother Ahmad and my personal persistence it all started quarter of a century ago. 3.5 sq m * 3.5 sq m in old Doha souq is where I started and where AlMotahajiba was initiated. Selling traditional Abayas and women accessories that I acquired from Dubai and Kuwaiti wholesalers, the 1st few weeks sales average was between 20 to 30 Riyals which could have been very discouraging for many but for me that was more than enough to think and grow bigger. As Almotahajiba grew bigger, I couldn't escape what was haunting me since I started my business, why not produce here in Qatar what I buy from wholesalers and why not produce them even better and why not put my mark in women's fashion trends. It was a dream and now it is a reality, we are now not only retailers but producers of our tradition with the largest factory in the whole Middle East producing traditional women Abayas.


Almotahajiba, a trade mark that is internationally recognized through 25 years of hard work and dedication, with customer's satisfaction as our goal. Our notion is as Henry Ford once noted (If your attention is focused on what you give for a dollar worth of sales rather than what you get, your business is bound to succeed). AlMotahajiba is a brand that we intend to preserve for centuries to come hoping to be a small contributor in a sacred cause, (our culture).


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